Tia Buckham White

    Lauren Koontz Lauren has an exceptional understanding of the nonprofit and philanthropic community landscape and collaborates in the public and private sectors to create strong partnerships. Focused on health and education fundraising throughout her career, she leverages her experience to impact the lives of children, teens, families and individuals through the YMCA’s work in youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Back to Career Readiness Workshops Preparing for 'What's Next' with Full Bio Tia Buckham White Tia Buckham-White is the founder of Notre Internationale and has more than 18 years of group and individual coaching experience with people from all walks of life and maintains a thriving practice exclusively focused on self-awareness coaching for executive, entrepreneurial, and high-potential leaders across diversified sectors. Notre Internationale has developed executive level workshops and programs for corporations, government agencies, and universities, both independently, and as a strategic business partner with Clearwater Consulting Group.

    Tia developed Notre Internationale to offer CXOs at privately held, government sector, and Fortune 500 companies an understanding of the challenges associated with developing inclusive environments. Tia demonstrates her commitment to organizational talent development and management by helping leaders think about self-awareness and how it informs diversity, corporate culture and engagement, customer service, leadership development, and change management.
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