Rhea RawlaIntern at Mobile Labs, Cricket Wireless

    Rhea Rawla

    Current School or University: Northview High School (Senior, 12th grade)
    Company if employed:  Previous intern at Cricket Wireless and Mobile Labs Inc.
    Describe Your TAG Education Collaborative Internship Experience: My TAG-Ed experience has truly paid a huge role in shaping who I am today, and has driven me significantly towards my career goals. In the summer of 2015, I interned with Cricket Wireless as a Device Testing and Quality Assurance intern. My duties included testing new devices and reporting about their functionality and performance. I loved the world of mobile technology so much that I decided to continue with TAG-Ed in a similar job, as a marketing intern at Mobile Labs Inc. Located in the Atlanta Tech Village, Mobile Labs welcomed me with open arms in the summer of 2016, where I was given the honor of working with its Director of Marketing. My responsibilities included attending important meetings, designing company promotions, assisting in marketing strategy development, and even handling all social media platforms! Comprehensively, each unique opportunity blended together to make one, cohesive experience that showed me how much passion I truly held for the mobile-tech industry.
    What Are You Doing Now?: As of right now, I am a senior at Northview High School, and am using my internship experiences to guide me in applying to multiple prestigious universities across the country!
    What’s the Most Interesting Thing About You that We Wouldn’t Learn from your Resume Alone?: I’m very passionate about politics! I hope to one day integrate my love for business and mobile-tech with the government, perhaps to revolutionize the way our electoral system functions.
    If You Were a Character from Your Favorite Book, Who Would You Be and Why?: If I were a character from my favorite book, I would be Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series! As commonplace as this may be, I feel her character played a significant role in developing my confidence as a young adult, and I feel we are similar in that I admire her intelligence and kindness towards those around her.
    Who is Your Role Model?: My biggest role model(s) are my parents! With hard work and dedication, they overcame multiple obstacles in their lives and proved that the American Dream isn’t just a myth; rather, it’s a reality which can be achieved no matter how difficult the circumstances may be. I credit them for teaching me everything I know about perseverance and personal character, and hope to one day make them proud.
    What Are Your Future Plans?: I plan to attend a 4-year university and receive a bachelor’s in business administration. My TAG-Ed experience has impacted me in this decision immensely, as my previous internships are the reasons why I wish to continue pursuing marketing and mobile technology as a career. 

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