Phi Dac NguyenIntern at FirstData

    Phi Dac Nguyen

    Current School or University: Georgia State University
    Company if employed:  Chase Bank
    Describe Your TAG Education Collaborative Internship Experience: I started my relationship with TAG-ED in 2014 in the WEBChallenge Competition and luckily earned a summer internship 2015 with First Data. Along with two other MBA interns, I developed a 3-year strategic plan for multiple products. I also helped the Human Resources department redesign the recruiting process. As a part of a competition, I developed a concept application to expand the functionality of Clover Point of Sale System. The experiences and professionalism I learned from the program gave me the confidence to pursue my business degree. Without TAG-Ed, I would not be where I am today.
    What Are You Doing Now?: I am currently a junior at Georgia State University, with a major in Finance and Managerial Science. I am also working for Chase Bank as a Teller. I also work as a manager in my family business.
    What’s the Most Interesting Thing About You that We Wouldn’t Learn from your Resume Alone?:Soccer is my ultimate passion. My first dream job was to be a professional soccer player, but I could not. Hopefully, I can work for Manchester United football club in the future!
    If You Were a Character from Your Favorite Book, Who Would You Be and Why?:  I would be John Snow from the Game of Thrones book series. Although John is not the strongest soldier or smartest strategist, he has the passion, kindness, and integrity to be a King.
    Who is Your Role Model?: My biggest role model in life would be my mother. She is a strong individual, a smart business woman, and a loving mom. She is good at whatever she puts her mind into. She never gives up. And more important than anything, she would sacrifice anything for her children. She is a true inspiration. Everything I do, I do it for her.
    What Are Your Future Plans?: I am planning to earn my Bachelor degree in Business Administration in 2019 and become an investment banker. My biggest goal would be working on Wall Street in New York City. Meanwhile, I am trying to get more experiences in the financial service industry as well as expanding my network. Without TAG-ED, I would not have had my first experience in a business environment, which really solidified my decision to study finance. In addition, my unique experiences with TAG-ED’s gave me advantages and qualifications over many other candidates. It was really the foundation for my incoming successes. 

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