Juan SepulvedaIntern at The Coca Cola Company

    Juan Sepulveda

    Current School or University:  Princeton
    Company if employed: Princeton University
    Favorite Movie: Pursuit of Happiness
    Favorite Book: 1984 and Catch 22
    Favorite Quote: “The ways of being human are bound but infinite.” – Larry Niven
    Who is your Role Model? Elon Musk
    My TAG-Ed experience: I interned last summer at the Coca-Cola Company. I was in charge of developing new touch-to-pay features on vending machines, which would allow users with devices equipped with NFC to make a transaction effortlessly. Additionally, I designed a prototype of the Coca-Cola App Exchange, a webpage that was supposed to store internal applications for the company so they could be reused more easily.
    What I’m doing now:  I am doing research in robotics and collective behavior algorithms at Princeton.
    Future plans:  This internship gave me experience at a large company, and it helped me understand that they are not for me. It helped me realize I want to be an entrepreneur.
    Work/Volunteer experiences shaped by my internship: None so far, but I am sure it will in the near future.

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