Erico CorbettIntern at Turner

    Erico Corbett

    Current school or university: I attend Carver Early College and I’m dually-enrolled at Georgia State University
    Favorite Book: The Ghost Map
    Favorite Movie: The Purge: Election Year
    Favorite Quote: “What is competition? I’m trying to raise the bar high, whose trying to jump and get it? You’re better off trying to skydive.” ~ J. Cole
    Role Model: My role model is Jamal Crawford. He is a phenomenal basketball player and any team would appreciate having him on their team. Even further than basketball, Jamal Crawford is very active in his community. He never forgot his roots and even when he made it to the big league ( the NBA) he never forgot where he came from. He’s always hosting food drives and inviting people out to come paly basketball at a local gym. Hosting events like those are things that gives the community the motivation to want better things in life. Just like he inspires his community back home in Michigan he serves as a role model for me.
    My TAG-Ed experience:
    My internship here at Turner Broadcasting Systems was one for the books. I had an awesome time at Turner and it really enlightened me as a person. I interned for Turner throughout the whole month of June and the time just seemed to fly by. My duties were to learn the jobs of the whole Network Operations Unit which consists of five teams: 1) Quality Control Unit, 2) the commercial scheduling unit, 3) the television show scheduling unit, 4) the Commercial quality control unit and 5) the Media Specialists. This internship allowed me to learn about the behind the scene work of television businesses which was an eye opener for me . It allowed me to appreciate television more now that I see all of the work that goes on behind the scenes.
    What I’m doing now:
    Right now I am a high school senior and I’m also dual-enrolled at Georgia State University.
    Future Plans: 
    My future plans are to be a multi-business owner, and Turner influenced my career choice in one major way. At first I wanted only own a sports marketing firm but Turner made me realize that I can take in a variety of directions.
    Work/Volunteer experiences shaped by my internship:
    I am running for SGA President this year and the experience at Turner allowed me to mold myself and teach myself how to conduct myself as a successful business man. When I win the election as the SGA president it will give me the opportunity to make executive decisions for the whole student body of my school which will teach me some things about decision making in the future.

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