EJ ZhangIntern at Generation Mortgage Company

    EJ Zhang

    Current school or university: Georgia Institute of Technology
    Company if employed: Rainmaker Labs
    Favorite Book: Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything
    Favorite Movie: Pitch Perfect
    Favorite Quote: “In this world, you get what you pay for.” – Kurt Vonnegut
    Role Model: My father
    My TAG-Ed experience: I worked for two summers at Generation Mortgage Company, a reverse mortgage company. As part of the IT department, I assisted all departments and worked with many different types of people. My first summer, I designed/created an operations monitoring system and assisted with auditing/data cleanup. During my second rotation, I created a zero-day virus response system and helped manage four new interns.
    What I’m doing now: Currently, I’m interning in Singapore as a marketing analyst/consultant for an mobile app development company.
    Future Plans:  I intend to graduate with a degree in industrial and system engineering and go into consulting. This internship has helped me realize that I want to go into a field that is similar to project management. Working on different projects, different people and traveling the world would be nothing short of amazing.
    Work/Volunteer experiences shaped by my internship: My internship has given me the skills, connections and confidence to pursue my passion. The experience from this internship has allowed me to stay one step ahead of the competition and be a leader.

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