Carol Elsen Godfrey

    Carol Godfrey is Senior Vice President of Markets and Product for Southwire where she oversees a team responsible for managing a pipeline of innovative and sustainable offerings aimed at delighting electrical contractors and positioning the company for growth.  She is accountable for profitability, serviceability and the product of the future for the Construction Group at Southwire.    In a previous role as VP of Marketing and Product Development, Carol and her team expanded Southwire’s market share and mind share across North America.

    Carol’s unique qualifications join together an extensive marketing and sales background with a broad baseline of manufacturing experience and a degree in industrial engineering from Auburn University (BSIE ’86). She has worked for leading national organizations including Southwire Company, Hubbell Incorporated, Alcan Aluminum Corporation, Ralston Purina Company and Tampa Electric Company.

    Outside of what might be considered traditional responsibilities, Carol, a team of incredibly dedicated educators within the Carrolton School System, and some very spirited and bright employees at Southwire have embarked on creating a community of STEM excellence.  The Southwire Engineering Academy ( is a model for public/private partnership at the high school level.

    The continued acceleration of Auburn engineering remains one of Carol’s passions.  She has served on the Industrial Engineering Alumni Council, the College’s Alumni Engineering council and is an active and supporting member of 100 Women Strong, a group dedicated to recruiting, rewarding, and retaining women in engineering.

    A native of Louisville, KY, Carol and her husband, Gary Godfrey, live in Atlanta.

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