Alexis CohenIntern at TAG

    Alexis Cohen

    Current School or University: Recent Graduate of North Atlanta High School, Rising Freshman at Babson College
    Favorite Movie:  The Blind Side
    Favorite Book: The Bible
    Favorite Quote: “Don’t disclose the details of your travel, simply be an example and exude the characteristics of one who embarked upon a fulfilling journey.”
    Who is your Role Model? My future self.
    My TAG-Ed experience:  For the past two summers I have worked at the Technology Association of Georgia alongside the former Corporate Relations Director. My duties ranged from inputting membership data to planing the Inc. 5000 event honoring the some of the fastest growing companies in Georgia to using Microsoft Excel to create and edit expense reports.
    What I’m doing now: Currently I am preparing for my departure to college.
    Future plans: I plan to pursue a degree in Business with a concentration on either: Finance, Accounting, International Business, or Marketing. Through my internship experience, I gained a bulk of knowledge in doing market research, composing and responding to emails, promotional strategies through social media, and even financial reporting through Microsoft Excel.
    Work/Volunteer experiences shaped by my internship: My engagement in the internship program greatly allowed my to be an asset when helping elementary students complete a major project and presentation. As a mentor to fourth and fifth graders apart of the Warren T. Jackson Mentoring Program, I was charged to assist a group of student complete a research project on a global issue. My background in research and marketability learned through the internship(in creating flyers, researching the company, etc.) allowed my to render great support and their project and presentation was very details and appeasing to the audience.

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