Atlanta BridgeCommunity Coding and Entrepreneur Camp

A Partnership with the The Coca-Cola Company and STEAMsport, Inc.

The Atlanta BridgeCommunity founded by Coca-Cola Coding and Entrepreneur Camp is a four-week summer camp for select students from Title 1 Atlanta Public School high schools to participate in the pilot of Coca-Cola’s High School Future Entrepreneurs Program (HS-FEP).

The HS-FEP program works with high school students to ultimately prepare the next generation of entrepreneurs through experiences such as business internships. The Atlanta BridgeCommunity Coding and Entrepreneur Camp executed by TAG Education Collaborative & STEAMSport, Inc. will provide high-achieving students with basic knowledge of coding concepts, web design, game design, 3D printing, marketing, R&D, and UX and UI design.

If you are interested in participating in this amazing opportunity, please continue on in the application process for 2021!

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